Ford Transmission Repair

Are you looking for Lincoln, Mercury or Ford transmission repair? Jim’s National Transmission Repair and Service of Sioux Falls South Dakota performs Ford transmission repair services and diagnostics. We can diagnose problems on late model and classic Ford transmissions manufactured from 1948 to present. We offer a free Trans-Scan basic check including fluid check (vehicles with dipsticks), computer scan and road test. Look for us to provide the best Ford transmission repair service in the local Sioux Falls, SD area. Big Transmission problem or Minor repair? It takes an EXPERT to know call Jim’s National Transmission today! You have to know the CAUSE of the problem to REPAIR the problem!

With the driver adaptive and computer commanded new age set ups on a Ford transmissions. With these setups and the trans axle’s today, diagnostics are a critical first step with any Ford transmission repair. Ford transmissions have multiple on board computers, a series of sensors, solenoids and relays. This means that what FEEL’s like a MAJOR Ford transmission problem is often a minor Ford transmission repair. Most electrical and command problems now dominate the issues found in today’s modern high tech powertrain problems.

If you have an Older Ford Lincoln or Mercury transmission do not panic! Just know with your classic car, we can handle it all. From band adjustments, modulator turns to throttle pressure settings on an old AOD, Jim’s National Transmission provides quality diagnosis and Ford transmission repairs on the classic too! Now more than ever having old school experience for classics is vital. Have peace of mind knowing that Jim’s National Transmission has the trained staff to handle both old and new!

We provide Lincoln, Mercury and Ford Transmission repair on the following models:

C3, C4 ,C5, C6 , FORDOMATIC , CRUISE-O-MATIC , FMX , A4LD , AOD , AODE , E4OD , 4R100 , 4R70W , 4R75W, ATX , AXOD, AXODE , AX4N , AX4S , 4R44E , 5R55E , 5R55S , 5R55W ,F4EAT , ECAT , 4F27E , 5R110W , 6R140 , CD4E , AF21 ,AWF21, CFT , CVT , 6R80 , 10R80 , POWERSHIFT