Sioux Falls Transmission Repair Services

Come to Jim's Transmission Repair Service Center and experience why we have been the most trusted name in the automatic transmission service and repair industry for more than 45 years in Sioux Falls.

We specialize in transmission repair services for cars, trucks and RVs (foreign and domestic). We also offer these services to fleet and commercial accounts. We service City and other municipalities in the surrounding area.

Transmissions are not only our primary business, that is ALL we do!

Sioux Falls Area Transmission Repair Services Available:

Transmission Diagnostic Service:

Our ASE-certified Master Technicians are ready to perform a hands-on inspection of your transmission and vehicle to determine the problem you're experiencing. Equipped with state-of-the-art tools and years of expertise, they can accurately diagnose your car whether old or new.

Your Diagnostic and Inspection includes a thorough analysis, a road test to ensure quality and safety, And a basic computer scan of your vehicles electronic components. This will help us determine what type of transmission repair service is needed.

Automatic Transmission Repair Service:

A basic transmission repair service consists of a complete diagnostic service, transmission fluid and filter(s) change, and any adjustments necessary. Transmissions vary so this service has many options depending on the automobile.

Manual Transmission, Transfer Case & Differential Transmission Repair Service:

These components are generally lubricated by gear oil but in many cases use synthetic or modified lube. Generally all that is required is a drain and refill but some differentials require removal of the cover and seals, gaskets or silicone.

CV Axles, Wheel Bearings and Hubs:


Often times, these components fail and seem like major transmission failure. They are loud, scary, noisy, and irritating! Since CV Axles and Wheel bearings and Hubs do make the wheels turn, they are often confused as major transmission repairs but are typically corrected for a minor charge.

Clutch Transmission Repair

We service and repair most late model and classic vehicles with clutch transmission set ups manufactured from 1948 to Present. We can provide a free Trans-Scan, basic check, road test, clutch cable or hydraulic fluid level and external settings check.


Sometimes our customers experience catastrophic failure and need a tow. Jim's Transmission Repair Service provides Free Towing on Most Vehicles within a 30 mile radius and huge discounts to other areas. Call us today! We should be able to get you in for free!