Transmission Clutch Repair Sioux Falls, SD

We at Jim's National Transmission Repair and Service of Sioux Falls South Dakota perform all diagnostic transmission service and repair. We service and repair most late model and classic vehicles with clutch transmission set ups manufactured from 1948 to Present. We can provide a free Trans-Scan, basic check, road test, clutch cable or hydraulic fluid level and external settings check. Big Transmission or clutch transmission repair? It takes and expert to know! Call Jim's National Transmission today! transmission clutch repair

Often times what feels like a MAJOR clutch issue can be addressed with a modest adjustment or even hydraulic components that control the device. Today's vehicles are manufactured with state of the art clutch systems that require transmission experts!

Jim's National Transmission performs:

Clutch disc replacement

Flywheel re-surfacing

Pressure Plate replacement

Pilot Bearing replacement

Release bearing / throw out  bearing replacements clutch repair

We offer clutch transmission repair or replacement on all:

Chevrolet , Chevy , GM , GMC , Dodge , Chrysler , Plymouth , Ford , Lincoln , Mercury ,Toyota , Lexus , Geo , Kia , Hyundai , Mitsibishi , Jeep , SAAB , BMW , Pontiac , Buick , Oldsmobile ,Izusu , Nissan , Infiniti , Saturn , Volvo