Automatic Transmission Repair in Sioux Falls

Automatic transmission repair requires an expert. There are many general automotive shops that are willing to take a look at your transmission. Diagnostics by a professional transmission repair facility vs general automotive is always the best option. automatic-transmission-repair

Auto repair is mostly comprised of specialist’s. Brakes, tires, exhaust, diesel etc. There is a reason for specialists. Automatic transmissions in today's modern era are not only computer controlled and electronically operated but they are in fact driver adaptive. Meaning the on board computer system adapts to how you drive. It adjusts shifting patterns, timing and quality based on data input. It takes an expert to diagnose these types of issues and recommend proper repairs. We at Jim’s National are the experts.

Automatic Transmission Repair

The automatic transmission has undergone huge changes since its surge in production in the 1940's and 50's. Today's transmissions are advanced, technical

and very complex. This is why diagnosing an automatic transmission repair is very difficult and requires an expert. The automatic transmission consists of computers, wires, sensors, solenoids, switches, relays and special fluids that make it all work and yet it is still the most overlooked component in terms of maintenance.

Whether you are driving in the Sioux Falls South Dakota area or anywhere in the United States, it is important to perform proper maintenance and up keep on your transmission. Giving the transmission the attention and care it needs will help avoid a costly automatic transmission repair bill.

At Jim's Transmission Repair & Service in Sioux Falls South Dakota we specialize in Automatic Transmission Repair. We are the experts your transmission needs and requires. Whether it’s an old classic Dynaflow or a new CVT transmission, odds are we have seen it, repaired it or serviced one like it before! Remember Big Transmission Problem or Minor Repair, It takes an expert to know.

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