Audi Transmission Repair, Sioux Falls South Dakota

Are you looking for Audi transmission repair? Jim's National Transmission Repair and Service of Sioux Falls South Dakota performs all transmission diagnostic services and transmission repair on late model, classic Audi's manufactured from 1948 to Present. We offer a free Audi transmission repair Trans-Scan basic check. This includes fluid check (vehicles with dipsticks), computer scan and road test. Look for us at Jim’s National Transmission Repair to provide the best Audi transmission repair services in the local Sioux Falls, SD area. Big Transmission problem or Minor repair? It takes an EXPERT to know. Call Jim's National Transmission today!

Audi Transmission Maintenance

Taking care of your Audi transmission is important for its long-term health. Here are a couple of things to know.

How Frequently Should I change my Audi Transmission Fluid?

Know your car and the manufacturer’s recommended service intervals. It is important to know that intervals for changing transmission fluid vary widely. For some cars and trucks, it can range from as little as 30,000 miles to more than 100,000 miles. Some new vehicles, especially those fitted with automatic gearboxes, have transmissions that are almost sealed shut, with fluid that’s meant to last the lifetime of the car. We at Jim’s transmission advise owners to refer to the owner’s manual for specific guidance and to keep records of related services.

Please note that Audi transmission fluid should never burn off. A good indicator of a transmission leak is a puddle of red liquid on the ground, usually under the middle or front of the car. This should be addressed as soon as possible.

Should I Flush The Transmission Fluid?

First you should understand the role transmission fluid plays in a car’s operation. Transmission fluid helps keep mechanical components cool and lubricated, whether your transmission is automatic or manual. Over time, the transmission’s components wear down, and shaving or particles contaminate the fluid. This could potentially lead to damage to your internal gears or parts in the transmission. The best advice is to research your vehicle and know exactly when a transmission drain (or flush) is recommended. Doing either option too often is a waste of time and money.

We provide Audi transmission repair on the following models:

O97 , O1F , O89 , DQ200 , DQ381 , O1M , JF506E , DQ250 , DQ500  , DQ380 , DQ400 , TF-60SN , DL382 , O1V , AG4 , O1N , O1J , O9E , O9L , VL381 , ZF6HP28AF , ZF6HP28 , DL501 , ZF6HP26A , ZF8HP55AF , ZF8HP65A , O1J , ZF6HP28AF , VL381 , ZFHP24A , ZF8HP55H , ZF8HP65AH , O1L , O9D , O9L , TR-60SN , ZF6HP19 , ZF6HP32 , TR-80SD , ZF8HP45 , ZF8HP95 , SL600-6A , DL800 , O9E , O9G , ZF4HP24