6L80E Transmission

Today's 6L80E transmission has applications in everything from pickup trucks to the corvette platform .It is considered GM's  first fully electronically controlled heavy duty transmission. Some of its features included direct clutch-to-clutch shifting and computer controller built into the valve body. This unit was designed to handle the torque output of some of General Motors strongest V-8 engines. But unfortunately, a number of design flaws led to many of the most common 6L80E transmission issues. 6L80E Transmission Specs

At Jim's National Transmission of Sioux Falls South Dakota the 6L80E is Re-manufactured in house by completely disassembling the unit , then the critical components including the case, gears, valve body, shafts, pump, TECHM are tested to ensure that they meet original equipment tolerances and standards. Any  part that doesn’t meet the original specifications is either machined until it does or replaced with a brand new part. Also we automatically replace the bell housing (which is also part of the pump) , the pump stator/cover and replace the torque converter with an updated HD version that has a billet cover . These modifications are done automatically as these are the critical areas of failure on these 6L80E General Motors Transmissions .

The overall gear train in the 6L80E transmission is extremely solid ! Once modified by Jim's National Transmission of Sioux Falls you will be able to get mile after trouble free mile without the drawbacks from the original design!